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I am a lifelong Democrat who was born and raised in the district.  I am running for Erie County Legislature because I believe we can do better and know that hard work will make good things happen for us.  It is my personal pledge to you that I will listen to everyone, be visible and available in our community but most importantly be the change we need.

I’m currently employed by a woman-owned small business, Globalquest Staffing Solutions, as their Business Development Manager.

I am asking for your support and hope you will vote for me on Primary Day, Tuesday—September 10th.

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  1. Michelle Squires says:

    Hi Lynn!

    Congrats on your marriage! Hope all is well for you. Running for office?? That’s outstanding!!
    Unfortunately, I’ll be breaking my 30 year Democratic voting streak this General election. No want Globalism, no want same democratic policies running our inner cities, no want to encourage behind race-baiting that divides rather than unites, and no want many of the “helping programs” that eventually enslave rather than empower.

    Perhaps your running for office will give greater insight to our party on the perils of outsourcing our nation’s wealth for the “greater good”. We know from our mutual background in recruiting that NAFTA, TPP, etc. isn’t sound policy for our country! Very best of luck to you in your efforts to serve your county & country. Your spirit is notable! (Please don’t put me on your mailing list, though).


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