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The time for change in the Erie County Legislature has arrived, and Lynn Dearmyer is ready to lead the charge, beginning on September 10th in the Democratic Primary.

Lynn Dearmyer is running for County Legislature because she wants to fight for the residents and taxpayers of the 7th District, and because she is tired of professional politicians.   Lynn is a private citizen who has seen firsthand the disastrous consequences that can come from government complacency.  The taxpayers of our district deserve to have someone in the County Legislature who is willing hold public officials accountable. As an employee to a minority-woman owned business in Erie County Lynn knows firsthand the challenges both small business owners and workers have.

Lynn believes in grassroots politics – going door to door, talking honestly about the issues that face our neighborhoods – and the people that live in them.   As a private citizen, Lynn was able to assist her neighbors when their house burned down and as a Cheektowaga Committee-person she has been able to work with Councilman Markel on several abandoned homes in her neighborhood.

In order to serve her constituents, Lynn plans on having an office centrally located in the district so it’s easily accessible to constituents.

Lynn believes that it is important to have a leaner and more efficient county government, because every nickel and dime of tax revenue that is collected, should be used wisely and to the benefit of taxpayers.

And Lynn Dearmyer is right in touch with the district’s concerns, especially those of our senior citizens. She will work hard for our seniors so they continue to receive the services already in place, as well as look for ways to expand these services, without it costing more money from our wallets.

County government is fundamentally broken. New faces, with new ideas, are needed more than ever, and Lynn Dearmyer represents that necessary change. As your Legislator, she will be completely committed to reforming the county’s old, flawed ways of doing business, and being accountable only to you – the citizen.

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